Girls Night Out

Season 1 - Episode 1

July 21, 2022 Mary Labrie Season 1 Episode 1
Girls Night Out
Season 1 - Episode 1
Show Notes

In 1979, four teenagers, Gracie, Laine and Clementine, saw something strange in the night sky.  They woke hours later, with no memory of what happened. One of their friends, FanBoy, had disappeared. 

Forty years later, Grace is at the peak of her career as Chief Scientist at Feelrite, a global biotech company.  But Grace is also in the throes of menopause, her husband seems distracted, her teenage daughter treats her with distain, and she seems to be ‘invisible’.  

A former colleague, Doctor Anita Chung, gives Grace a report that suggests that Feelrite's new anti-aging treatment, Fountain of Youth (FOY) has serious side-effects. When Grace mentions the potential side-effects of FOY at a board meeting, she is suspended by her boss Daphne Mallard.  

As Grace is frog-marched out of the Feelrite building by Chief of Security, Andrew Ellroy, a nearby bin suddenly explodes in flames. Did Grace make that happen? 

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