Girls Night Out

Season 1 - Episode 2

July 21, 2022 Mary Labrie Season 1 Episode 2
Girls Night Out
Season 1 - Episode 2
Show Notes

Still smarting from her suspension from work, Grace goes on a weekly ‘date night’ with her husband, Mike. He tells Grace he is leaving her.  Grace gets no sympathy from her daughter, Kallie, who blames Grace for Mike's wandering eye. 

Crushed by everything that has happened,  Grace sees first-hand her new powers of invisibility. Shaken and confused, Grace calls her best friend, Laine, who comes over for moral support and a few rounds of tequila shooters. 

Kallie visits her friend, Persephone Mallard (Percy), and witnesses Percy being sedated and hooked up to a two-way blood transfusion with her mother.   

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