Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out - Season 1, Episode 2

July 21, 2022 Mary Labrie Season 1 Episode 2
Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out - Season 1, Episode 2
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 1 of Girls' Night Out, a sci-fi romance and proud winner of the award for Best Fiction Podcast in 2022.  Episode 2 is the finale of Season 1.
Feelrite uses its public relations machine to discredit Grace, but the plan backfires and Grace starts trending on Twitter with a group called #madscientist. 
Kallie gets Percy out of her prison-like bedroom, and the girls escape for an innocent day of shopping, but Daphne wants Percy home for another youth-restoring blood transfusion, so she sends Andrew to find the girls and bring them back to the Mallard Mansion.
When she can't reach Dr Anita Chung, Grace starts to worry. She and Laine head out to the Feelrite Laboratory, and discover the truth behind Fountain of Youth.
Grace finds out Daphne has Kallie at the Mallard Mansion so she and Laine head there to rescue Kallie from Daphne's clutches. Daphne and Grace have a confrontation.

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